Same Great Service, Brand New Name & Website.

'GM Technology Solutions' has become 'Intraplex'.


Don't worry if you have any services with us, you'll still be reciving the same quality service and dealing with your same local technition. You'll still be able to contact us via the phone numbers and emails you currently have, though we recommend updating them with our new contact information before the end 2014.

We've been planning this for awhile, GM Technology Solutions was initially trail business and after more than a year of operation we've decided it's time to stepup our efforts, offer more services and simplify our pricing structure while continuing to provide great service at affordable rates.

Along with this brand new business name, comes a new website and a new pricing model. We've decided it's in the best interest to move towards a fixed price model so it's easier to gauge how much certain services will cost.

You can find all the details and more on our new website:

We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion,

~ Guy M
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