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Standard Support

Onsite Support

Repairs, Consulting and anything else you need to get your technology hastles out of the way.

Got a large project? We provide set quotes or discounted rates for large or ongoing jobs.

Remote Support

Get small issues fixed quickly and easily with remote support, We access your computer through the internet to find and fix problems without needing to send out a technician. This service is not available for everyone and a technician may be required to be sent out if the issue cannot be resolved remotely. Call for more Information.


Ongoing Business Support

Save Time, Avoid Stress, Improve Productivity.

Don't let technology slow you down, stress you out and get in your way. Let us provide managed IT support, training and advice to get your business and your business technology working better together. Ongoing support not only greatly reduces the chance of your systems breaking down unexpectedly or data being lost (and costing your business time and money) but it also involves finding new and innovative ways to get your business working faster and better than ever.

We work around your budget, your support needs and are able to provide support for current infrastructure. Call for more information.

Business IT Evaluation and Report.

We can inspect and evaluate your current businesses IT hardware, Policies and Procedures and provide a detailed report along with face to face advice on where improvements can be made. We cover areas such as backup, disaster recovery, efficiency, reliability, training, security, hardware and software with the focus on protecting your business from threats, improving business efficiency and utilizing opportunities where available. Call for more information.



Automatic Backup Solutions - Save Time and Remove Risk.

Failed or Damaged hard drives can cost upwards from $400 to recover data from. Avoid the risk and gain peace of mind. Our solutions can be adjusted to fit almost every need. and provide the degree of data protection you need.

Basic Package - Call for Quote
Includes 20 minute onsite consultation & software setup on a single computer.
Includes a license of quality backup software - It's so good we use it for our backup needs.

Premium Package - Call for Quote
Includes 30 minute onsite consultation & software setup on 3 computers.
Includes several licenses of quality backup software - It's so good we use it for our backup needs.

Comprehensive/Business Package - Call for Quote
Insurance won't cover you from data loss, Don't risk key documents (financial, customer information, databases, etc) that your business cannot afford to lose.

Purchase Assistance - Save money, Time and Get what you need.

New Computer Purchase Assistance - Call for Quote
Includes a 10-30 minute phone consultation/advice session (can be done while you are in store) and information containing what you want to look for in your new system. Think of it as rip-off protection, money saving advice, translation of technical terms & a few other tips (data security & antivirus) all in one. This helps guarantee you get what you need and don't burn money on what you don't.

Business Technology Purchase Advice & Assistance  - Call for Quote
Upgarding multiple PCs or looking at implementing a new technology or solution in your business and are not sure if it's right for you? We can provide you the insight to make and informed and beneficial decision for you business.



Website Hosting

  • Australian Servers.
  • Personalised advice and help to get your site online.

Premium Website Hosting

  •  Includes same features of website hosting.
  • Better suited for ECommerce or sites with larger than normal amount of traffic.
  • Free Domain Name included when hosting for a year or more.

Website Design

  • Simple to Complex, Personal Websites to Ecommerce Online Stores. We do it all.
  • Wordpress, Concrete 5, "Joomla!", We can build your site on a Content Management system so you can update it yourself.
  • We have multiple web developers and designers on call to fit your specific projects need.
  • We are upfront about costs, No nasty surprises down the track.




Full List of Services We Provide

Click on the plus symbols or text below to see more information about each service.
Alternativly, contact us directly by phone, email or even facebook. Click Here.

Computer Repairs & Upgrades - Laptops and Desktops

We repair, upgrade and can build complete systems. We can install and upgrade parts such as installing a larger hard drive & adding more RAM. We can even get data and files of desktops and PCs that refuse to start. We can help you with the below issues and much much more.

  • Blue screen errors.
  • Virus, Trojan, Worm removal.
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Secure your laptop from online threats.
  • Very Slow system.
  •  Corrupt Files.
  •  Excessive Pop-Up adverts.
  • And Much More.


Data Recovery & Data Removal

We provide affordable data recovery services and can recover data from systems that won't start, drives that can't be read and even external drives that no longer work. Even files you accidentally deleted - even ones removed from the recycling bin.

It's not always possible to recover data and generally depends on a case by case basis.
Contact for more information and to find out what possibility there is of recovering your files.

No charge will apply if no files can be recovered.


Technology Purchase Assistance - Save money, save time & get what you need

Save time and money with the right advice. Too often we see individuals and businesses spending way to much for computers and other technology not suited to their needs.

We can potentially save you hundreds of dollars though providing you with advice based on your needs for a computer. Laptop vs PC, Size of hard drive, how much Ram, HDD or SSD, Ultra-book or Net-book. We remove the confusion and explain the difference in easy simple to understand language and provide recommendations to give you a clear picture of whats best for you, and your budget.

Phones and Tablets
Gigabytes, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, Screen Resolution, Android, iPhone, Plan vs Pre-Paid, BYO vs contract? Take the complexity out of it, and get some assistance.

We'll save you time, potentially money and help you get a phone you are happy with (as well as showing you how to use it). We'll also give you advice on which network and company would be best/affordable for you depending on your needs.

We can translate almost all technology jargon into simple English that you can understand and can help you decide on & purchase many other types of technology including Televisions, Wireless Routers, DSLR Cameras, and much more.

Don't go shopping blind and risk getting something wrong or overpriced.
Let us Help, Give us a call.

Websites - Design, Hosting & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Need help getting a website designed?
Need help getting a current website online?
Don't want to waste time making sure you're getting what you need and not getting ripped off?
Not sure how to get your website listed or how to optimize it for search engines (SEO)?

Let us know and we'll remove the stress, save you time and help you with your website needs. We cover everything from design to hosting at affordable rates with high reliability service agreements. We design our websites around a CMS (content management system), which allows you to easily edit the content of your website in the future without needing to know any technical information.

We also can handle the setting up and monitoring of business facebook, google+ & twitter accounts & pages. While teaching you how to make the best of them.

One-on-One Tutoring & Lessons - Computer basics, Microsoft Office, Security & More

Basic Users: Need help learning how to use your computer effectively and safely? Perhaps you want to learn how to best use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel? Perhaps you've always wanted to learn how to talk to people over the internet with video chat, or just set up and maintain your own Facebook page.  Give us a call and see if we can help.

Advanced Users:
Want to learn how to encrypt files with the same encryption the US government uses for their "Top-Secret" files? Want to protect your personal details online and offline? We can help give you the tools and training to protect yourself.

Automated File Backup Solutions - Don't risk loosing those precious or important personal & business files

Backups are very important, yet so easy to forget. Automate the process and become educated on how to prevent file loss. A small investment to save you time and give you peace of mind. Never again worry about having lost an important file or accidentally deleting it.

Internet Connection Setup, Network Setup and Network Security

We can help you do everything from optimize/extend your wireless, provided greater security among with many other things. We can set up your new internet connection, as well as Wi-Fi (wireless) and cabled connections around your house.We can also solve problems with your current networking hardware and suggest the best networking hardware to buy for your specific situation.

Digital file and system Security - Anti-virus, file encryption, online security & anonymity

Keep yourself safe and secure. There is much more to security than just having a good anti-virus. Do you know how to identify virus activity, avoid scams, spot illegal or dangerous software and how to secure personal files and information? Contact us and we'll show you how to be safe online along with government level technologies such as encryption.

Custom Built PC - Budget System or Performance Build, Save money and get what you need

We build computer systems from the ground up for your specific needs. You can save hundreds compared to getting a pre-built packaged machine by paying for what you need and saving on what you don't.

Unlike many individuals who have put together a custom PC system, We have an in depth understanding of which components are best for a specific purpose and can avoid common problems with these typical "home-built" systems such as broken or inefficient parts, an unstable system, or one that dies within a couple months. We also provide a warranty for peace of mind.

Network Setup & Security - Save time and make sure your network is not vulnerable

I study a degree in Computer Systems and major in computer networking. It's a specialty for me and I can help you do everything from optimize/extend your wireless, provided greater security among with many other things.

I can set up your new internet connection, as well as Wi-Fi (wireless) and cabled connections around your house. I can also solve problems with your current networking hardware and suggest the best routers & switches to buy for your specific situation.

Computer and Camera Monitoring Solutions - Keep an eye on your home or business

Easy to monitor and extremely affordable CCTV like setups that allow you to monitor your home or business. We can also monitor the use of a computer - perfect for businesses who want to make sure their employees are being productive and not using work time for personal activities. We aim to make use of current IT infrastructure to provide a monitoring system that is effective and budget friendly.

Ongoing Support, Help & Advice - On call to help you with any questions you have

Need computer help often, scared of being ripped off or not sure how to best use your system.

Call us and we'll reduce the stress, explain everything in easy to understand terms and make sure you get the help that you need.

Remote Support - We can fix certain issues on your computer through the internet

Don't pay a fortune to get someone to come onsite, get quick effect help for your computer issues by allowing us to fix your computer remotely.

Limited to customers with broadband internet access and problems that require no physical interaction with a computer.